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Erfahrungsbericht: Zu Besuch in der Salzmannschule

Experience report: Visiting the Salzmannschule

We recently had the pleasure of accompanying Denny, one of our developers, on an exciting trip to the Salzmann School in Schnepfenthal (Thuringia). As part of an exciting project week, which was organized in collaboration with the DHGE (Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach), we worked together with a highly motivated 7th grade class on an extraordinary project: the construction and programming of a self-driving car. ­čÜś­čĄľ

The students were very enthusiastic when it came to assembling the vehicle from a metal construction kit. Working in groups, they not only trained their motor skills, but also learned the basics of mechanics and engineering. With the basic structure of the car in place, it was time to program the software that would control it.

Under the expert guidance of Denny and supported by the school's teachers, the children immersed themselves in the world of robotics and programming. They learned the basics of programming and immediately put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. Together they wrote code that made the car drive.

It was impressive to see how committed and curious the young programmers were. Their enthusiasm was contagious and made the project week an exciting experience for everyone involved.

Our visit to the Salzmannschule showed us how important it is to get children excited about technology and innovation at an early stage. We are grateful to have been part of this exciting project and look forward to further collaborations in the future. ­čîč

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