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School building kit 2

School building kit 2

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  • Suitable for group work, up to a maximum of 4 students per box
  • Construction of simple vehicles - crane, everyday objects (seesaw, swing, ladder), cable car
  • Step by step construction instructions
  • Incl. tools
  • Age: 8+

  • Parts: 610

  • Dimensions: 355x285x95 mm (case)

Developed with and for schools

Strengthen learning skills

The eitech school building kit was designed based on the Thuringian curriculum (subject: technical work) and optimized in intensive collaboration with various primary schools. He introduces girls and boys alike to the world of technology in a playful way. You learn how to plan and prepare, design and create. In addition, through the step-by-step construction according to instructions, they gain knowledge about structures and processes as well as the various functions of technical buildings.

The aim of the lesson is to prepare students to cope with the demands of today's technology in private, professional and public life. Emphasis is also placed on how to use technology responsibly and what steps are necessary to achieve a working result.

Through playful screwing together, technical talents are promoted and the children learn creative ways to independently solve problems that arise in the process.

Thanks to the illustrated step-by-step construction instructions, children learn to analyze and understand tasks and develop solution strategies. You will be trained to capture information from various forms of representation such as text, schemas and symbols.

This enables the students to plan and implement their work steps in a targeted manner. You can independently select and apply suitable methods and working techniques. At the same time, they gain knowledge about facts, connections and principles in a playful way.

The construction of the school building sets is realized through group work in order to offer the children a comprehensive learning experience. They should not only develop technical skills, but also strengthen important social skills. They learn to deal objectively with the opinions of others, to represent their own point of view appropriately and to treat their classmates with respect. They are also supported in dealing with conflicts in a constructive way.

Within their learning group, the children have the opportunity to set individual learning goals and reflect on their progress. This not only promotes their independence, but also enables individual development. At the beginning, rules of conduct can be drawn up together, compliance with which will then be assessed together. This creates a positive learning environment.

All sets include assembly tools and illustrated step-by-step construction instructions.

The assembly instructions can also be requested digitally (as a PDF) if required. Just send us an e-mail.