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anbac Arche - sandpit toys, 13 pieces

anbac Arche - sandpit toys, 13 pieces

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Anbac's Ark offers limitless sandbox adventures. The 13-piece set contains the boat hull, four different pairs of animals, a shovel, a rake, a sand sieve and of course the house with a practical carrying handle for on the go. The rake can be inserted through the hull of the boat so that the ark including all parts can be transported in one piece using the handle.

Noah's Ark

With the Ark, parents can playfully introduce their children to the biblical story of Noah. Or you can simply use the ark as a large boat for the animals without a religious background.

Lots of features

The pairs of animals can be put together and find the corresponding slot on the rake. This serves as the ship's ladder and entry into the boat. The animal molds in the shape of chicken, giraffe, elephant and sheep can also be used as sand molds and leave enough space to play creatively and freely.

Educational valuable

Shovel, pour, fill molds and let the sand slide through your fingers - this is how children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They improve their sensory abilities and strengthen their muscles. At the same time, creative play in the sand promotes imagination and problem-solving skills.

Antibacterial effect

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are continuously broken down by the special wood mixture in anbac Toys and our toys are almost germ-free after 8 hours. The pleasant feel and the delicate wood smell delight the children, and the sucking and bite resistance delight their parents.

Sustainable & Made in Germany

Our material mix of wood and plastic is environmentally friendly and saves up to 70% crude oil. We use pine heartwood, which is a waste product for the wood industry. No trees are felled for our anbac toys! Awarded the eco-label and 100% made in Pfaffschwende, Thuringia.